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Mobile Experience of a Defi Network - UX/UI design case study of a crypto wallet

In this case study I will explain the design process of a mobile app experience for a cryptocurrency wallet for a DeFi project.




Client: PAMP Network

Role: Product Designer (Mobile)

Duration: 2 Weeks

Team: Mike (Project Manager), Me (Product Designer), Prasanjit (Developer)

Project Brief: PAMP Network wanted to create a mobile experience for allowing their community members to easily retrieve their earned rewards by “Claiming” or “Liquidity Staking.”

Goal: To redesign the mobile experience for PAMP’s new mobile application.


Anonymous - The PAMP team is anonymous and wanted to stay that way, ultimately testing my communication skills to conduct research.

Technical - PAMP’s existing website was dependent on external platforms to function, which had its own existing personality and UX. I had to technically understand the flexibility of what features we can modify and which we will have to find a work around.

Time - PAMP had their roadmap public for their community members, which meant I had to design the app within 2-weeks with little to no buffer.

Research & Analysis

Keeping constraints in mind, I finalised the following research techniques:

Surveys - Like many Blockchain platforms PAMP has a telegram community that I leveraged. Mike helped me obtain responses via polls and surveys. We conducted research with 14 Participants to find pain points in the existing web interface.

Video Analytics & Heatmaps - I used video analytics and heatmaps to cross analyze the results we got from the surveys and to better understand what users are actually doing on the platform.

Following are some analysis.

Based on the analysis we prioritized the features according to User Goals/Business Goals.

Feature Prioritization

Now for the fun part… Design

Information Architecture

I started with Information architecture and placing the features in hierarchical form.


As blockchain is already a technically difficult concept to understand, the next step was to create flows in such a way that makes it easier for our users to finish the journey.

I simplified some of the existing flows based on the videos analytics.

Before and After of Liquidity Staking flow

Wireframing and Design

Liquidity staking according to the new flow


We also did some iterations after initial tests

Main button changed from "Create new wallet" to “Import existing wallet” based on initial user testing.


Finally we did test the prototype with 15 crypto community members from different telegram groups. In comparison on our initial Surveys we found following results

  • 350% increase in first time liquidity staking flow completion without external help.

  • Reward collection process 80% faster.

  • 70% users felt more secure using the mobile experience than web experience.

  • 100% felt PAMP Network is a share worthy crypto platform.

What Next

More interaction with users - I would love to research more into how users "Interact and Invest" in both PAMP Network and other DeFi projects available. I believe this can be an important factor for mass adoption in blockchain.


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