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My name is Martin Naithani.

I solve buissness problems though Design.

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Your products run for election everyday, and I will help you win the campaign


I specialze in four things

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I design Bananas.

Think about a banana.

A banana shows you when it’s ready to eat, it’s mobile and easy to take with you everywhere, it has a protective peel, and when it’s ready to eat, it peels quickly without the need of any other tools. Bananas are not messy; they don’t fuss. You don’t have to wash them before eating. You don’t have to do much really — just peel and eat. Plus, a banana is healthy.

Once you peel that banana, eating it is pleasant and effortless. There are no hidden parts, no seeds or a core that takes up all the space inside.

And as a bonus, bananas can help produce serotonin in our bodies — a chemical that makes us happy.


Bananas are impeccable designs.

I design bananas in products.

Let's Work Together :)
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